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Emotional Balancing Level 1 & 2

We are delighted to offer our classes in Emotional Balancing.

In these classes we learn important skills in how to bring healing and greater balance to our emotional lives.  As we know, emotional stress is a signiificant factor in our well-being. Unresolved stress can be the underlying cause of many issues, not just mental and emotional distress but physical diseases and limitations, too.

For more general information on Emotional Healing, click here...

These classes introduce essential information to help us understand the nature of stress and how it affects us.

We demonstrate and develop skills to enable you to evaluate levels of stress on different  aspects of our awareness, such as...

  • Conscious

  • Subconscious

  • Cellular Memory


These classes introduce some unique tools and processes to bring greater insight and to reduce stress and balance, such as the...

Harmony Emotional Map - A unique guide to emotional experience

Harmony Balancing Mode  - A simple, quick and effective process to reduce stress

We also include a variety of effective emotional balancing skills and blend into a process that that you will learn over the two days. Muscle monitoring skills are also taught as part of this class.

In Level 2 we expand knowledge and skills to make the balancing process deeper and even more effective.

Level 1 is open to all and requires no prior knowledge or experience.

Emotional Balancing Therapy

Level 1                        05 & 06 Oct 2024

Emotional Balancing Therapy

Level 2*                       23 & 24 Nov 2024

*Prerequisite Level 1

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