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Training / Classes

Touch for Health Kinesiology

Is a series of classes designed to introduce the foundations of kinesiology. Where we learn how to assess and balance the structures and subtle energies of the body using muscle monitoring techniques. This method also allows us to find the most appropriate way of balancing the person.

Touch for Health is accredited by the International Kinesiology College taught in over 30 countries throughout the world.


Emotional Healing


Here at Harmony we offer a our unique classes in Emotional Healing. We introduce skills that can help identify underlying stress.

The stress may be on the conscious level, however if stresses are on the subconscious or cellular memory level they can be difficult to identify.

We introduce a variety of skills to release old patterns of stress and condition new, more positive emotions and behaviours.

Healing with Sound & Frequency


Here at Harmony we offer a number of classes about healing with the energy of sound, colour / light and therapeutic frequencies.

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