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Nutritional Support

Eating a healthy, varied diet is essential for good health. 


However, with so many diets and eating plans and experts often saying very different things, how do we know what is the best food for us?

What is good for one person may be bad for another.

Here at Harmon,y we have a process to evaluate the specific foods that are most suitable for you - the ones that enhance energy and well-being and also the ones that sap our energy and downgrade our health.


Even if we eat a good diet there may be times when we may find it a challenge to eat well consistently due to the pressures and pace of modern life. We may have specific health challenges or we may have demanding sporting goals in which case it may be appropriate to supplement our diet.

With so many supplements how do we know which ones are helpful and which ones may be unneccessary?

As with foods, we can assess which supplements are most suitable to help us achieve our goals.


If you would like more information or  would like to book an appointment just let us know.

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